Baris, founder of Kite4Life and I have a lot of things in common like our passion for Bonaire and the addiction to kiteboarding. But the most important connection we have is that we are family! So WhatSup is realy proud to be able to contribute to the great cause where Kite4Life stands for! Check out their story below.

Kite4Life story

Have you heard the story about a guy whose life got turned upside down in just 10 seconds? I’m sure you did. We all have examples around us. In the Netherlands alone one in three gets diagnosed with cancer (source: Dutch Cancer Society Every story that follows the initial diagnosis is unique in its own way. By telling mine I would like to create awareness about how engaging in kiteboarding can help to cope with long-term psychosocial impacts of cancer.

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My brother in law Baris and my sister Marieke at Bonaire

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